Thursday, August 8, 2019


You know how your teacher said how you have no homework and you get excited but then she says that you have to do speeches and your attitude goes down. Well, that happened to me.

This is my speech.

why We Shouldn't Do SPEECHES.


Have you ever wondered why we do speeches at school, its to learn the skills necessary to be able to speak to others, this is called PUBLIC SPEAKING .. OH DON’T YOU HATE IT???. You know 74% of people are scared of public speaking and they could become even more scared of it when they do these speeches at school.

This has been proven to sometimes increase fears of
public speaking because confronting a fear can make it even worse. It’s just like having a fear of spiders and then being thrown in a bathtub full of spiders, or your friend putting a tarantula on your head when you sleep. If this happened to me, I would crap myself next time I saw a spider.

While we write speeches, it could put us under a lot of stress, because we have to meet tight deadlines and then speak in front of our mates, our class , their school, And sometimes the judges for speech competitions if you are unlucky enough to win your class and school speech competition, you will probably get shipped off to the inter-school speech competition and you will have to say your speech in front of a hall full of people and 3 judges. This would put anyone who is not super-confident in public speaking under an extreme amount of stress

Another reason for not doing speeches it that kids get pressured by their teachers
Because you have to meet the deadline for the speech “Thank you for adding that extra stress Mr. Kingstone”, this could push people over the top and maybe lead to a mental breakdown.
More things related to speeches Are you trying to write your whole speech at the last minute at 11 pm on a Sunday night, then at 12 pm rehearsing your speech for the next day.
You show up and your speech is actually good enough to be taken to the next round and oh no! 

Teachers have been trying to get us to speak in front of others for so long, for example .. Go back to show and tell, teachers make you bring in an item of choice to school and tell the other kids about what it is.
Honestly, Jeff, no one cares what your favorite toy is, and you do this just to build up skills to speak to other kids, but when are we ever going to need that ability unless we are doing jobs that require speeches?

we can learn that skill when it is required and not waste time when we will never use this ability. And that the teachers shouldn’t be forcing the kids into doing things that make them uncomfortable, and if you don’t want to do it you don’t have to speak in front of your class talking about your favorite toy or your cringy speech. 

7. There are better things that we can be doing instead of writing and reading cringy speeches and I think I have stated some reasons for not having to do speeches And I know next year you will still be listening to my cringy speech, but I know that one day this might change.

Friday, July 5, 2019


Mr Drummond came to our class to teach us to draw comics. He showed us how to draw some easy stuff. He gave us to fill in the speech bubbles in a comic strip. And he drew a Pikachu from his favourite game. I learned that you can draw anything you want.

Thursday, July 4, 2019


On Wednesday, we had round ice and we put dye in the ice and what it did was show the cracks in the ice. Then we put salt in the ice and it started to melt. I learnt that salt melts ice.

Maori Art

In Room 5 we make some Maori art. We had to pick a drawing from Peter Gossage. I did Maui and his mother doing a hongi. And what we did was colour in with pastels and then dye the background. I liked my picture because of the tree.   

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Science is so much fun because we had to drain out dirty water from oil, paper and dirt.
what we did was paper, cotton balls, sand, paper, sand, paper cotton balls and paper. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Egg Sitting

This week is egg sitting week. if you drop, leave, or eat it you are disqualified. I called mine Miss Minny May. we did it for Keeping Our Selves safe. It had to have the same needs as we do. Like: a blanket warmth and food.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Cross Country

On June the 6th we all died of exhaustion.Why? Because it was Cross Country! We all participated with enthusism.
I came first and I was EXTREMELY HAPPY.